June 2009


Book to Examine How Gender Inequality in Medicine Affects Healthcare for Everyone

After nearly ten years of research and insight into the prevailing and often unfair treatment of women physicians, respected pediatric otolaryngologist Dr. Linda Brodsky is launching a book project to examine how gender inequality in medicine is affecting the quality of healthcare in America. Dr. Linda Brodsky is calling on all of those who have felt the effects of unequal treatment — physicians, patients, nurses, moms and, yes, even men — to share their stories for the book, which will be published early in 2010. The book project comes on the heels of the successful launch of Dr. Brodsky’s website ( and blog (

Dr. Brodsky will collect brief versions of stories on her site, and she will select contributions based on their relevant and elucidating insights into the issue of gender in medicine. If chosen, writers will be asked to expand upon on their entries for inclusion in the multi-author book. Due to the sensitive nature of the topic, writers have the option of publishing their stories anonymously.

Because gender discrimination is not always obvious in its effects on doctors and patients, Dr. Brodsky offers prompts so that writers can better shape their stories. Submissions can cover, but are not limited to, questions such as:

  • Do you believe that you were not taken seriously or given optimal treatment because of your gender?

  • Did you ever wonder if your physician received the same access to the resources you needed for your health?

  • Do you have anecdotal evidence of being taken more seriously or treated better by a female physician?

  • Are you someone who works in the medical establishment with stories of discrimination or unfair practices?

Dr. Brodsky’s “accidental” crusade for gender equality in the workplace was born out of her personal claims of unfair treatment and pay inequity in the workplace — and specifically in healthcare and academic medicine — and her desire to help others avoid similar struggles. As she continues her work as one of the country’s top pediatric otolaryngologists, Dr. Brodsky’s campaign for gender equality in healthcare has become an equally important life mission. She will document the book’s entire creative process throughout the editing and publishing stages and will share particularly poignant, meaningful, and noteworthy stories on her blog along the way.

About Dr. Linda Brodsky
Linda Brodsky, MD, is among a small number of U.S. women to have achieved the rank of tenured full professor in Otolaryngology and Pediatrics. Currently a practicing physician and surgeon, Dr. Brodsky is an accomplished medical professional, having founded the award-winning Center for Pediatric Quality and working for almost 20 years as the founder and director of Pediatric Otolaryngology and Communication Disorders at the Women and Children’s Hospital of Buffalo.

After an almost-ten year legal battle based on her claims of gender discrimination, Dr. Brodsky’s several court cases were resolved in 2008. The incredible difficulties she faced bringing forward a gender-discrimination-based lawsuit now fuel her commitment to reforming what she believes to be a flawed legal system — one that cannot bring about the meaningful change necessary to end gender discrimination.